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Tha Ask Lift is real time Q&A system based on participation of Lift 09 audiences. Anyone ask a question to speaker via various methods including web, sms and twtting on spot and everyone can see them and vote to favorite questions. After session, Lift team choose good and favorited questions and a speaker can answer some of nominated things.

Vint Cerf answered some of highly voted questions on stage of Lift Conference 2009. Many attendances enjoyed giving questions, voting them and listening of his answers.

How to send your question

  1. Submit question in Ask Lift page.
  2. Twitting "@asklift speakerid your question". on Twitter
  3. e.g. @asklift vint I have a question

Vote favorite question!

  1. Click "vote" in Ask Lift page.
  2. Follow "asklift" and send direct only msg id on Twitter.

If you are moderator

After login as a manager, you can moderate questions and manage speaker update.

If you have any question

Please contact to Channy Yun, Lift Asian Editorial Advisor. You can refer to source code in ask twitter.

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